GF Energy is a renewable energy company in Greece that was founded only recently, in 2006.  Its founders though are two families with a long entrepreneurial history in Greece of more than three generations.  The first step of the new company in the field on renewable energy was a biodiesel production plant.

GF Energy completed at the end of 2008 the construction and start-up of the biggest production plant in Greece.  The state of the art technology used can produce products of the highest quality (under EN14214:2004 standard) from any king of feedstock, even used cooking oil or animal fats.

GF Energy delivers its quality products either by truck or by ship.  Situated 60 km from Athens with access to a private port the plant is also very competitive in logistics.   
The key competitive advantages of GF Energy are the following:

  • State of the Art technology that can use any kind of feedstock to produce high quality biodiesel
  • Competitive logistics very near to the petroleum companies of Greece and with private deep sea port access to deliver competitively for the export market
  • Access to low priced feedstock through strategic partnerships for seed oils and used fried oils procurement