2015 (1st quarter)50,08%
Greek Production Support

Sustainable development is the main pillar of support for greek agricultural production providing considerable income for Greek farmers.

We want to be able to enable the creation of direct and indirect employment posts and give an additional impetus for the development of unutilised agricultural land and Greek raw materials.

We evaluate our suppliers on the basis of sustainability criteria in order to promote responsible practices along our supply chain.


Contribution to Environmental Protection

Biofuel production absorbs a large percentage of used cooking oils and animal fats, significantly reducing emissions.

We produce renewable biodiesel, using residues to be absolutely sure that, in this way, we achieve a high rate of reduction in CO2 levels.

Economy Boosting

Τhe production and use of sustainable alternative fuels for transport not only contributes to reducing greenhouse gases, responsible for most emissions CO2 in Europe, but, in addition, it offers a significant opportunity for partial dependence on oil imports at the domestic level, boosting the country's economy.